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To donate to any of the following penguin rescue, research and conservation groups, click on the highlighted name. Each website will open in a new browser window.                  

THANK YOU for helping to protect these vulnerable animals!

SANCCOB - This is the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds.  SANCCOB has saved nearly one hundred thousand African penguins from oil spills since the late 1960's.  This is the organization that Dyan worked with to help save 40,000 penguins from an oil spill in 2000.

DICT - Dyer Island Conservation Trust.  The DICT helps protect the Threatened African penguins on one of their important breeding islands.  You can help save the African penguins on Dyer Island by purchasing nesting boxes or contributing to the rehabilitation of oiled and injured birds there. 

THE PENGUIN FOUNDATION - The Penguin Foundation on Philip Island in Australia rescues and rehabilitates oiled and injured Little Blue (Fairy) penguins.  This facility is connected with the world famous 'penguin parade' site.

THE YELLOW-EYED PENGUIN TRUST - The Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust helps protect the critically endangered Yellow-Eyed penguin in New Zealand.  This very rare penguin (there are less than 5,000 Yellow-Eyed penguins left) could become extinct in the next few decades without help.

ADU - The Avian Demography Unit, a branch of the University of Cape Town, monitors the population of African penguins in South Africa.  To support their important work, write in on the donation form that you wish your dollars to be directed to the ADU's penguin research projects.

You can also help penguins directly by volunteering on-site and in the field through the following organizations.

EARTHWATCH - Earthwatch Institute.  Earthwatch supports research efforts for various projects throughout the world. You can volunteer on Robben Island in South Africa to help monitor the population and breeding success of the African penguins, which are listed as a Threatened species.

GREENFORCE - Greenforce is another organization offering volunteer opportunities worldwide.  You can volunteer at SANCCOB (listed above) to help care for oiled and injured African penguins that they have rescued.  This is very direct work with the penguins, so expect to get your hands dirty - and bitten as well!

AVIVA and ENKOSINI ECO EXPERIENCE - These are two other organizations that offer opportunities to help rescue African penguins at SANCCOB by volunteering at this world-famous, and critically important, rescue center.



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